Prelim 17A Silver (D Wardle, J Selway, P Green)
1, Hero (Huroos) (G Peckham) 71.26
2, Mgcom Services Sauvey Golden Condor (N MacDonald) 70.51
3, Jack In A Box (E Pargeter) 69.48
Novice 37A Silver (M Ruddock, H Clark, A Scott)
1, Harley 1 (R Marsden) 72.84
2, The Moon (R Ind) 71.11
3, Loriens Graceful (J Williams) 69.83
Novice FSM Silver (S Petty, L Waller, T Cowle)
1, Headmore Footloose (M Morris) 78.51
2, The Moon (R Ind) 73.88
3, Cha Cha Herself (L Marshall) 71.75

Image: Gill Peckham and part-Hackney driving-bred Hero (Huroos) winners of the silver Prelim 17A with 71.26%