Dressage results: Hickstead Southern Summer Regional Championships, 28 July
Back in Action prelim (K Mepham, J Wood, A Brunton)
1, Kamil T (M Gover) 75.36%
2, Favorit (K Monks) 73.69
3, Oak Field Pompadom (V Weymouth)
Dodson & Horrell novice 39 Gold (L Wall, S-J Lanning, D Wardle)
1, Feiner Stern II (A Gould) 71.28
2, Verano (J Burtwell) 70.45
3, Flairck (B Bainbridge) 70.19
Dodson & Horrell novice 39 Silver (1) (L Whetstone, A Keen, L Jenkins)
1, Southern Cross Braemar (D Morgan) 74.1
2, Sherwood T (M Key) 71.6
3, Scolari’s Glory (N Rapley) 69.81
Dodson & Horrell novice 39 Silver(2) (L Whetstone, A Keen, J Rooney)
1, Deluca (P Brooks) 71.92
2, The Amazing Spiderman (J Bright) 69.55
3, Biscuits Brown (K Welch) 69.49
Fairfax Saddles FEI PSG (A Darken, M Ruddock, D Wardle)
1, Waldessarini (A Stovold) 69.96
2, Roman Noir Himself (P Friday) 68.82
3, Dejenne (J Whitehouse) 67.98

Left to right above: Dannie Morgan, on a novice silver winning streak; 2, Someone won Novice Gold; Millie Gover, a winner despite a spook; Amy Stovold, twice a winner (riding Waldessarini PSG and newly married to Simon) with second-placed Paul Friday; Clare Ashley and Hobgolblins Honor Bound, 8th Silver novice; Sarah Dwyer-Coles and Hightrick S (a very good boy, but mum got a bit lost), 3rd novice gold; Annie Rawlins and Clockworks Donja, 4th in PSG; Claire Lewis and Orlando’s Goldern Girl, 4th novice silver; Sarah-Jane Cox and Comanche Passoa — looking very special!