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PSG test analysis for riders: ‘Got my tailcoat and I’m good to go’

PRIX ST GEORGES is the first senior FEI test and also the FEI Young Rider test, comments formerly Surrey-based List 1 judge Mark Ruddock, at the beginning of his his latest test analysis. He adds: “It is also the only PSG in this country, so anticipation can become a problem. (This test analysis first published in May 2017.)

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The 2017 Petplan Finals Elementary 45 is no pushover

LIST 1 JUDGE Mark Ruddock puzzles, “why has the Elementary 45 been selected for the 2017 Petplan silver and bronze Finals, as it has no leg yield, instead of the Elementary 53 that was ridden in qualifiers?” Mark analyses the test 45 challenges, movement by movement, and it’s certainly no pushover. Perhaps the suppleness and obedience to lateral aids are implied, as this test asks riders to prove that they are able to steer their horse round 10m trot and canter circles? (This test analysis was first published in March 2017.)

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Elementary 43 — ride from your seat and grow your performance

Leanne Wall, List 1 judge and BD Young Rider selector has her trainer hat on as she takes you through this fluent non-qualifier. It’s a perfect vehicle for applying her ‘Grow’ method as it enables riders to prepare for the more difficult challenges at Elementary. Straight away she clarifies interpretation of ‘collected trot’, which comes into this test alongside ‘working’. And just how does collection relate to way of going?

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Advanced medium 92 — a busy-ness of challenges

BD Advanced Medium 92 is the FEI Junior Team Test. It can also be used in general competition as a qualifier and enables any rider to test their horses’ rideability and their own preparation skills against something a bit different. List 1 judge and British Youth Team Selector Leanne Wall highlights Advanced Medium 92’s challenges and offers rider tips relevant to all tests at the level.  In the meantime, during the Covid-19 emergency, she suggests: “By analysing your old score sheets you can identify your problem areas and practise visualising how you will ride the movements better in the future.”

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