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Hurrah for Hampshire and for Southern Dressage

At long last, British Dressage has corrected an anomaly that has bugged me for years! Why has the southern coastal county of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, been ‘Central’ for BD regional purposes? We must thank Sharon Walker, BD Southern RDO, for promoting the new alignment. Here’s the challenge: there remains a far more important issue that should concern equestrian bodies and riders.

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The Claire Gallimore lecture demo: why did we do it?

COULD TRT relaxation training have helped grand prix rider and coach Melissa Smith when her horse was attacked by out of control dogs when she was hacking on a Surrey Common last December? The answer is probably not. However, the incident and her prompt medical treatment, thanks to Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex paramedics and a helicopter flight to hospital, were the inspiration for what became nine months later the lecture demo, “Training the Horse’s Mind for Relaxed Performance”.

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