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TWO RIDERS made the step up to advanced level at Oldencraig on Friday (1 July) — Olivia Kelly on Richian BK, a former eventer, and Janine Lamy who competed Ehrentag.

Janine scored 65.15% for her first advanced 100 on her nine-year-old Ehrenpreis x Florestan mare. But she has had her problems. Janine explained: “When we bought her she had an oedema on the cornea of one of her eyes and is partially sighted, but she’s also had keratitis in the same eye and we have to keep her in a UV fly mask — although I don’t ride her in one. When the sun starts to get stronger in April she has one on all the rest of the time until November. She’s a very spooky horse but we don’t know whether that’s because of her eyesight or because she’s just a spooky horse.

“She also had to have a couple of teeth out due to an infection, and possibly as a result, she had some gastric problems. She is allergic to Gastrogard so it took some time before we found how to manage that but Simple Systems feeds have helped enormously. She didn’t really do anything in 2014 and she’s gone from elementary to advanced over the past 18 months or so.

“Looking at her test sheet, Sally Merrison gave her some sevens and wrote some really positive comments. You’re never sure when you move up to a level you’ve never competed at before. We’ve only done a few advanced mediums and it’s helped enormously that we have had such encouraging judging.”

Former eventer is re-skilled
OLIVIA KELLY used to ride the very talented, but prone to panic Don Bedo/Lancer II mare Donatella II, which she eventually competed at elementary and medium until an injury ended her career.

OliviaKelly&RichianBKsmallOlivia’s  most advanced ride currently, Richian BK, is a Richman x Landprinz 12-year-old who was at one time competed in Pony Club open one-day events by her brother Louis. Olivia explained: “Louis gave up riding so I took ‘Ralph’ over. He had always been used to having a man on board so when I started riding him it was a bit of a shock to his system as he had to start learning to carry himself. We did a lot of schooling at home but he didn’t do particularly well at the lower level competition.

“When Donatella had to be retired I decided Ralph had to grow up. He loves doing the higher-level movements and although he’s not a world-beater he has enabled me to learn a lot. Not all judges like him, but he’s a horse who is giving me valuable experience and which I can enjoy but I’m always on the look out for horses that I can ride for owners,” she added.

The score for Richian BK’s advanced 102, 62.94%, was high enough for the rider to apply to ride at PSG.

© Celia Cadwallader, 2 July, 2016

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