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Dressage at Hickstead is running a day of unaffiliated competition featuring regionals tests on THURSDAY, 14 July. This will enable riders to test run their regionals performances. All the regionals tests: prelim 17, novice 39, elementary 59, medium 76, advanced medium 98, up to and including PSG and Inter I are scheduled. Marie Mepham emailed me from Dressage at Hickstead, HQ to say, “I am sure the judges will be happy to discuss the tests with competitors — we will look at the number of entries and hopefully can allow time for this to take place.”

The revised southern regionals dates are 28 to 31 July:
Thursday, 28
Back in Action Prelim 17 Silver
Dodson & Horrell Novice 39 Silver
Dodson & Horrell Novice 39 Gold
Fairfax Saddles FEI PSG Gold
Friday 29 July
Childeric Saddles Elementary 59 Silver
Childeric Saddles Elementary 59 Gold
TopSpec Medium 76 Silver
Saracen Horse Feeds FEI Inter I Gold
Saturday 30 Jul
TopSpec Medium Gold
Hickstead Championship Final 5yo National British Young Dressage Horse
Hickstead Championship Final 6yo National British Young Dressage Hofrse
FEI Grand Prix
FEI Prix St Georges
Sunday 31 July
Equine Construction Advanced Medium 98 Gold
Equine Construction Advanced medium 98 Silver
Hickstead Championship Final FEI Young Horse Finale
Hickstead Championship Final FEI Young Horse Finale
Grand Prix Freestyle
PSG Freestyle

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