TTT Trust members, past members and spectators who have benefited from the knowledge and training provided by some of the best and most experienced horseman in the world that the Trust provided are sad to hear that it will close at the end of December 2017.

Out and About Dressage has valued its brief association with the Trust and found it inspiring when attending its events at East Whipley Farm, near Guildford, Surrey, that the main focus was on the art of training rather than on competitive success.

The final four events in the TTT’s 2017 calendar will run as scheduled. They are:

♦  Arthur Kottas Clinic (13-14 November) 
♦ Trainers Day with Andrew Murphy and Alex Cookson, including workshop ‘Training transitions — critical cornerstone and proof of correct training’ (20 November);
♦ Senior Instructors Clinic (27-28 November), 
♦ Clinic with international rider and trainer Miguel Ralao, (5-6 December).

Chairman Tucker Anderson stated in a letter sent to members last week: “For 30 years the TTT has provided a continuous annual programme that included Seminars, Lecture/Demos and a variety of Clinics so that the theory behind classical horsemanship is combined with the practicalities of training horses.

“[The Trust’s] purpose has always been to provide top level training to those who could not otherwise access it, and thereby to give a firm foundation so that the Instructor members would be equipped to teach with greater clarity and authority further afield.  Many of the TTT Instructor Members have now gone on to become successful trainers in their own right. The Trust is proud that they continue to spread the knowledge gained at the TTT, and that the TTT legacy is strong.

“When the Trust began in 1987, there were hardly any clinics, or lecture-demonstrations and certainly no continuity in training. That situation has changed beyond all recognition.  As Charles de Kunffy recently noted, ‘Dressage in the UK is now a force to be reckoned with. Dressage is no longer a minority sport, and all disciplines understand its value in the training of their horses’.

“We hope that the TTT has given  our members the knowledge and the tools to make judicial choices in their future training.”

For more information about the forthcoming events, visit TTT and for articles based on TTT past events, see the Training section of this website.

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