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Has your horse received and understood your message?

In her series of articles about developing successful human-equine partnerships with the insights provided by Neurolinguistic Programming, Wendy Jago, an NLP Master Practitioner and coach, considers Presupposition 2. This is ‘the meaning of a message is what the...

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GP tests talent, training and partnership

GP tests talent, training and partnership

CURRENT international grand prix rider and List 1 judge Kirsty Mepham talks grand prix newcomers through the test to highlight how they can maximise their marks as they gain experience of performing at this top level. If grand prix is above your expectations as a...

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An NLP path approach to improved performance

Horses respond to their own map of reality, their senses are on a different scale to ours and they have different priorities. It’s our job to understand them as horses not as less intelligent human beings. Wendy Jago, a List 3 Dressage Judge, NLP Master Practitioner...

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It’s going to be Great at Parwood!

Hard on the heels of the sad end to affiliated dressage at Priory comes very good news indeed: Parwood has been given the go-ahead to run affiliated shows at its top-class facilities located in the beautiful Surrey countryside just off the A31 and the Hog’s Back, west...

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Dressage judging is a moral issue

DRESSAGE JUDGING is a highly moral activity, writes judge Wendy Jago, “This is not simply because we do our best as judges to discriminate wisely and accurately about the differing qualities of specific movements, or horses' overall way of going, but, more...

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Love me, love my horse (or my friend’s horse)!

I was standing by the results board at a show last week hearing the sad tale of a judge who had 'got it all wrong' about a friend's horse and whose marks had been 'discouraging' (even if they were right, they were therefore wrong). I then put on my own rose-tinted...

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Please don’t shoot the ‘half-brained’ judge!

COMPETING would be so much easier if we didn’t have a dressage judge eyeballing our every move making us feel nervous and putting us under additional pressure, when we already have enough to think about! Danielle Olding, who leads coaching company “From the Neck Up”...

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Fall reflections

RUMOURS about the continued existence of various BD Southern venues abound and with the fall in numbers of riders attending dressage competitions in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, fewer venues might be no bad thing. We need a financially viable local competition circuit...

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Natasha plays an ace and has two more up her sleeve

Natasha plays an ace and has two more up her sleeve

Merrist Wood, Guildford, Surrey, 25 November
Featuring riders Natasha Powell-Richards, Sarah Ridd, Hannah Bown, Susie Hexton, Jessica Bird, Lisa Harrison, Kay Swabey, Teghan Cantrell, Hayley Pile, Immogen Chant, Imogen Byers, Amy Jack, Jess Gale, Zoe Harrison, Hiedi Marcus and Suzanne Holt

Natasha now has two more Cyden horses to bring on. Of the five-year-old potential international pony Brouwershaven Panamera (Pilot), owner Lara Edwards commented: “Tash loves Amigo but Pilot’s movement is something else. He’s a hot little horse in a pony body.”
Lara has also sent Tash a possible first horse to produce — 16hh, four-year-old mare Chanel by her stallion Cadans M 

PONY knowhow is standing 15-year-old Natasha Powell-Richards in good stead. She has formed a strong bond with stallion Cyden Oosting Amigo and the pair confirmed their current medium form with overall wins in both tests on 70.86% and 68.87%. Non-qualifier judge Jackie Selway commented: “Natasha’s pony was very forward and balanced and she and rode it into a nice connection. You had confidence right from the beginning that she would ride a nice test. She came in meaning business.”

Amigo will be competing in pony classes this coming season and has started changes so Natasha also hopes she may do some advanced mediums, too. Owner Lara Edwards commented: “Natasha was recommended to me by Amigo’s previous rider Clare Hole and her talent at producing her own Bernwode Britvik herself convinced me she was right for him. He’s a young stallion, not that experienced. I wanted a rider who wouldn’t let him learn bad tricks but bring him on successfully.

“I like her calm approach. I watched her when Amigo spooked at Addington. She patted him and carried on and that’s exactly what a young horse needs. They need to gain confidence from their rider.”

In the gold section, Sarah Ridd also scored a double with 69.13% and 68.22% riding Weymarsh Sabrina. The Showtime x Rubin Royal 10-year-old’s career has been dogged by allergy problems and following a bout of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and consequential lung infection this summer, Sarah decided to invest money in allervet immune therapy.

Sarah reports: “A couple of weeks after starting treatment she was a different horse but still run down from the infection so I started her on a fittening programme. Six weeks ago when I took her on a bridleway around the hilly Bramley golf course she was feeling so well she bolted with me — the first time a horse has got away from me in over 20 years. She still had her breath after three-quarters of a mile. There were only a few weeks left for winter qualification but I decided to give it a go.”

Hannah Bown has also been on “a mad dash” to qualify with her 2016 and 2017 Winter Championships partner Sandro’s Storm. They achieved a plus 67% second and third places in the Medium 63 and 71 silver sections. The Sandro’s Dance x Lanthan eight-year-old has only recently returned to work and competition after spending four months this summer recovering from an operation.

Hannah explained: “Just before Hartpury we noticed that ‘Stanley’ had a read more…

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