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A fresh eye or time spent making a detailed investigation of some specific aspect of your riding performance can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of dressage and success in competition. Is your priority in 2019 to improve your seat, tackle behavioural problems, or to gain the marks you deserve in the arena?

I have published articles on Out and About Dressage about many wonderful trainers offering clinics or private sessions in the South East/Southern region (and elsewhere in the country). Three of the four I have enlisted to provide a Christmas Present training session to subscribers I’ve got to know better and written about only recently. The other, an old friend to this online magazine, is just simply at the top of her game — and that is maximising show time performance!

There are four training sessions offered as prizes, you get to choose which one you would most like to find at the bottom of your Christmas Tree.

A Very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Successful New year to all dressage riders, their horses and their back-up teams!

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Burnish your test riding skills with Leanne Wall

Out and About Dressage is delighted to be able to offer subscribers the opportunity of a free one-to-one, test riding-focused training session with Leanne Wall as one of four special training opportunities offered as prizes in its Christmas Present prize draw competition. 

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