OUT AND ABOUT DRESSAGE became a subscription site two weeks or so ago and I would like to thank the many, many people who have already signed up. Without this tangible show of support the future of the site was frankly under discussion. Now I feel totally ‘in front of the leg’, ‘on the hind leg’ and ‘taking the bit forward’!

This week the plan is to put the first day images from the recent Hickstead Regionals in our new Photo Gallery and they will be available to browse and to buy. I shall also be publishing an article about one particular feature of last week’s Hickstead International. Subscribers will be notified in the usual way.

If you have been too busy to look at the redesigned front page of the relaunched Out and About Dressage, please do! The aim has been to make the various categories and wealth of material posted on the site more clearly accessible.

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Dressage update


Show reports

Accuracy, consistency and harmony put Molly on top

Out and About Dressage’s blockbuster two-part first show report since its relaunch features over 30 horse and rider combinations at the Hickstead Summer Regional Championships. Who could you leave out with winners decided by fractions?


Dressage results


Training & Trainers

First contact: it begins on planet Earth!

For Star Trek fans ‘First Contact’ is that between humans and an intelligent extra-terrestrial! For horse people first contact is the beginning of a meaningful human-equine partnership and the equine’s introduction to the bit.


Test Analyses


Health & Fitness


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