Hard on the heels of the sad end to affiliated dressage at Priory comes very good news indeed: Parwood has been given the go-ahead to run affiliated shows at its top-class facilities located in the beautiful Surrey countryside just off the A31 and the Hog’s Back, west of Guildford.

Sam Osborn, events organiser for the equestrian centre and also British Dressage Southern Region Chair, said: “We are very excited to be able to offer affiliated dressage shows at Parwood. We are just waiting to go through dates with Tina Martin at Merrist Wood so that our schedules don’t conflict.

“The plan is to run monthly affiliated competitions at Parwood in 2018. We will start off by offering mid-week shows possibly over a Thursday and Friday once a month, and also run a couple of Quest shows in Spring/early Summer. We will gain experience from that and then take it from there.”

Dressage tests will be based on two 20 x 60m long test competition arenas on Parwood’s Andrews Bowen Pro Wax outdoor surface with warm-up in the 20 by 60m Cushion Track-surfaced indoor school. Sam said: “To start with we are thinking of going from Prelim to Advanced Medium but if there is demand for higher levels we will want to do them, too. You not only have to have the riders who want these classes but also you need to be able to find the appropriate list judges.”

She added: “I’m very much about building a future for Parwood and I want to ensure that everyone coming here has a good experience. I have Duncan Whitney-Groom to thank for showing me what is required and for his support. I want to try to offer the same level of professional service as he provided at Priory.”

Sam is also interested to hear from anyone with ideas for other events they would like to see run at Parwood. In addition to its indoor and outdoor equestrian surfaces, it also has a lecture room facility.

Shows need volunteers
Sam said: “A lot of people are required to make a show an organisational success. I can’t stress enough how important it is that volunteers who help at shows get appreciated and are thanked for giving their time and for their hard work. People are happy to help if they feel valued and respected, so I hope when competitors come to Parwood that they will take a moment to thank the show secretary and the stewards. Just hearing a ‘thank you for a lovely show’, can make a lot of difference.”

Competitors need good show venues
Speaking about the cost of maintaining and retaining top class venues in the South, Sam added that the Parwood proprietors, who live on site, are very keen to help develop dressage as a sport within our region. Equally, she believes that Parwood’s dressage customers will show their appreciation by treating facilities with respect and cleaning up their own droppings, spilt hay and litter, and taking it home with them. “Ultimately,” she points out, “it helps contain costs and it will help to keep entry prices lower if we don’t have to pay someone to clean up after you.”

For more about Sam, ‘Search’ this website. To view Parwood’s current programme, click events calendar

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