Dressage results: Merrist Wood, Surrey, 6 November

Elementary 57Q (A Brunton)
1, Dark Horse (W Kemp) 71.42
2, Quite Easy (N Williams) 70.89
3, Everest (J ale) 70.35
1, So Enamoured (M Pook) 69.82
2, Miller’s Life (E Carter) 68.92
3, Queen of the Catwalk RHF (I Wood) 68.21
1, Without A Doubt (V Deacon) 62.5
2, Gaufron Hedfannwr (T Hussey) 62.32
3, Rockfinn Blue Boy (S Rose) 61.96
Medium 75Q (P Watts)
1, B Jazzmin (G Hoult) 72.16
2, Everest 68.37
3, Weymarsh Sabrina (S Ridd . . .

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