Diane Thurman-Baker’s ‘Pilates for horses’, part 2

Diane Thurman-Baker’s ‘Pilates for horses’, part 2

In the second in a series of three articles based on a lecture demonstration organised by Southern Equestrian Training at Belmoredean, West Sussex, Diane Thurman-Baker progresses to more advanced in-hand work. This includes asking a horse to bend towards its direction of travel, rein back, 'baby' piaffe and teaching Spanish walk steps

WORKING A HORSE in side reins means that in his early in-hand work, he will not always have the bend appropriate to the movements. Having explained and demonstrated the horse’s beginner syllabus, Diane shortens both side reins a little to encourage Storm . . .

B e c o m e   a   s u b s c r i b e r   t o d a y

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