BONNIE BOURNE, a Kent-based pony rider, 12, and new mount Twyford Salamander, 10, a Welsh section C won the elementary 45 and 57 qualifier, both with plus-69%, at Stilebridge, Kent, 25 July.

Mum Jenny said: “We retired Bonnie’s previous pony Pavarotti III, who was working at medium, aged 25, last year. We’ve been travelling all over looking for a replacement and then found ‘Solo’ four miles down the road at Daniel Watson’s.

Solo and Bonnie provided wins in both the C squad team and individual classes as part of the winning Southern Team at the BYRDS Inter-Regionals at Keysoe in June.

Jenny added: “We’re hoping to get on the BD Progress Squad and so we’ll be going to the Viewing Day in September.” [Update: Bonnie and Solo earned a place in the reserves at the early September viewing day.]

Solo’s former owner, Hannah Loveridge, teaches children and adults at the family’s Rye Street Farm Equestrian Centre, Rochester. She says she as a 5ft 2in adult she would like to specialise in producing children’s ponies.

Bonnie Bourne competes Twyford Salamander at Stilebridge and then studies winning test sheet with mum, Jenny

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