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Results from test

Biofuels Producers 33 Agribusiness 4 Finance & Investment 12 Traders, Shipping & Logistics 4 Oil Companies 6 Solution Providers 14 Chemical & Biotech Developers 10 Government & Regulators 6 Transport & End...

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Healthy fit and happy – thanks to careful management

Panther was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in 2012 as a nine-year-old. Since then his owner, Denize King, has become adept at using the weigh-tape and ensuring that he takes his daily medication. Denize explains how she discovered she had a Cushing’s pony and is successfully managing his condition.

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On My Hobby Horse

Jo Price, who taught at the Crawley and Horsham Pony Club Camp this summer, asks: “Why is it that children and parents think you just get on a pony and ride it, but usually never think about educating it?”  “A lot of people take...

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