Author: OAAD

Results Blue Barn, Kent, 7 November

Prelim 15 (judge: P Velten) Open 1, Millfield Chance (S Browne) 54.35 Restricted 1, Ballycris Anni (R Hill) 70.65 2, Crocket (S Walia) 67.61 3, Dymock Ice Dancer (I Sheehy) 64.78 Prelim 17Q Restricted 1, Ballycris Anni 70.38 2,...

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Results: Oldencraig, 6 November

Prelim 15 (judge: M Drewe) Open 1, Forrest’s Buford Blue (S Allen) 61.73 Restricted 1, Demoiselle (S Chamier) 63.47 2, Rowdown Walkabout (C Freed) 66.52 Prelim 19Q (judge: J Kendall) Open 1, Donnie Darko (P Doolan) 67.23...

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